Before and After

Patient 1

Underbite growth modification and braces for crowding. We avoided a jaw operation!

Patient 2

Orthodontics were needed for spacing and impacted upper eye teeth.

Patient 3

A growth modification removable appliance fixed this patient's bite. We avoided extraction of permanent teeth and jaw surgery!

Patient 4

This patient needed orthodontics to address severe crowding. We did not take out any teeth!

Patient 5

Orthodontics and jaw surgery were required to fix the underbite and crowding in this adult patient.

Patient 6

Orthodontics were required to address overbite, spacing and impacted right eye tooth.

Patient 7

Orthodontics were required to address open bite. We avoided jaw surgery for this patient!

Patient 8

Orthodontics were required to fix the open bite and the overjet for this patient. We avoided surgery.

Patient 9

Orthodontics and jaw surgery were required to address the underbite and the crowded and protruded teeth.

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