Retainer Instructions

Caring for your Retainers

  • WEAR your retainers 24/7 as directed by Dr. Ranaweera or Dr. Mugford. Remove your retainers for eating, drinking, cleaning, playing contact sports, or playing a mouth instrument. Place them in the case provided until you are finished with the activities listed above.
  • NEVER use denture-cleaning tablets or bleach to soak retainers because they can break down your retainer. Never soak a retainer in mouthwash, because it can pick up the color of the mouthwash. If inserting over a sink, please place a plug in drain.
  • CLEAN retainers with mild hand/dish soap and soft toothbrush. Non-abrasive toothpaste can be used to clean retainers. Abrasive toothpastes can cause damage to the retainer and make it look cloudy. You can also purchase Polident Fresh Cleanse at your local drug store, which is a foam product and is made to clean retainers without damaging them.
  • NEVER BITE your retainers into place. Biting can cause breakage to the acrylic or bends in the wire. Always use your fingers or thumbs to place or remove a retainer. Never flick retainers in and out with your tongue because they can loosen.
  • HEAT will distort or damage retainers. This includes hot or boiling water as well as all heat sources, for example, in a dishwasher, dryer, car dash, or heat lamp.
  • STORE your retainers in the case provided. Never wrap retainers in napkins or paper towel because they could get lost. Never place your retainers in your pockets when they’re not in the storage case because they can break.
  • DOGS are attracted to saliva and to the smell of retainers. Keep retainers in your case and away from your pets. Cats will play with a retainer and can also damage them.
  • TOOTH MOVEMENT may happen if retainers are not worn as prescribed. This may result in your having to pay for new retainers that fit or even re-treatment if there is significant movement.
  • LOST OR BROKEN: If your retainer becomes lost or broken, or it is not fitting properly, please call our office immediately at 902-835-6531. Never try to repair or adjust your retainer yourself.
  • There is a charge for BROKEN OR LOST RETAINERS.